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Stressless and No More Needy Folks Left Behind!

Kitchen at Noi Thai Cuisine

Nowadays, many people might suffer from problems in living because of the effect of the pandemic and the tough economy that hit on them like ocean waves. Lots of people lost their job, and some of them needed to shut down their businesses during these disaster times.

In the middle of the crisis, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. At Bai Tong Thai restaurant and Noi Thai Cuisine, we welcome all people who are interested in service jobs and other positions that involve the restaurant business, including chefs, servers, host/hostess, bartenders, etc. We want to create jobs and help generate income to make people who encounter with the financial crisis be able to breathe. Our second goal beyond bringing Thai food to the world is to make people have a better life.

Businesses collapse during economy crisis

However, our employees are proofs of our words about why working with us can help you lift your life. Many employees can start their own business after working with us for a few years. Also, many of them can own a house, cars, and other things that support their living. The best advantage is many of them can afford a good education.

Therefore, don’t be hesitate to be a part of our team and make a change in your life! Join working with us at Bai Tong Thai restaurant or Noi Thai Cuisine at all locations.

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