Bai Tong on Wheels is brought to you by the best Thai restaurant in Washington State, Bai Tong Thai Restaurant. We have served authentic Thai food for more than three decades. Now, we're taking to the road to serve amazing Thai food that you know and love!


We're bringing you the real Thai comfort food made by the best Thai chefs from Bai Tong. We guarantee that our food will light up your workday. You wouldn't want to miss it!




Thai Food on Wheels



Locations & Hours

Seattle Truck

Monday - Friday  11 am - 2 pm

Monday-Wednesday       401 Terry Ave N

Thursday                            500 Boren Ave N

Friday                                 964 Republican St 


Locations & Hours

Bend, Oregon Truck

Presented by Noi Thai Cuisine

The Bite Tumalo, Bend OR

Wednesday-Monday       11 am-9 pm

Tuesday                              CLOSED

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Get in Touch

Email: dir.marketing@baitongfamily.com

Seattle Truck

Tel: 206.771.5550

Bend, OR Truck

Tel: 541.666.9586

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